MA DEGREE
As recent popes have noted, in the last several decades a struggles between a culture of death and the culture of life has emerged.  And so they have specifically called on universities to help build a new culture of life and to offer “serious and well documented contributions, capable of commanding general respect and interest by reason of their merit.”  (John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, #98)

The Institute of Bioethics offers you the opportunity to help answer this call, and to receive a philosophical training with a specific focus on life-issues, bioethics. 

To receive the M.A. in philosophy with a concentration in bioethics, you must fulfill the normal requirements for the M.A. in philosophy (30 credit hours of graduate philosophy, a foreign language test, and a philosophical thesis), but 12 of these 30 credit hours will be graduate bioethics courses, including a 3 credit hour clinical-practicum (a course centered on following “rounds” and direct observation at nearby hospitals). 

Your training in bioethics will prepare you to address intelligently the vexed ethical questions generated by recent biotechnological advances, articulate the logical case for life on the most controversial issues concerning the beginning of life, the end of life, and sexuality, and offer professional consultation on concrete issues arising in hospital settings.